Corten Square Planter

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  Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg)
Small 35.5 35.5 30.5 7.5

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This planter is produced in 1.5mm thick Cor-ten steel. Cor-ten is a weathering steel originally designed for the construction of bridges. It has a special composition that allows it to rust on the outside but degrade no further allowing it to maintain it's structural integrity. Invented in the 70's, Cor-ten has since become the darling of architects around the world.

In 1.5mm gauge Corten, unlike normal mild steel, this planter will last and last!

Another problem solved by Corten is runoff. Normally there would be a rust run off that would stain paving but with Corten after the patina has formed the runoff will stop.

Holes can be drilled upon request or this planter can make a wonderful water feature or even a firepit.

Delivery is in 7-10 days.

Categories: Iron Planters and Pots